The saying goes that if you were born within the sound of the Bow bells then you could consider yourself a true East London Cockney although recent studies have shown that the acoustics in the city have been dampened by all the new buildings and the geographical reach of the bells of St Mary-Le-Bow are now not as far as they were in the 1800’s. In fact a hundred years ago the sound reached as far as Southwark however nowadays they cannot be heard beyond Shoreditch and since there are no maternity hospitals within earshot, there will actually be very few true cockneys born in London.
In the last few years, East London has undergone a huge regeneration of the entire area after the old shipbuilding industry and the docks fell into decline. In their place you will see sleek, modern buildings with acres of steel and glass providing offices, retail stores and homes to the bright new things who have recently made the area their home.

Some places in east London are within walking distance of the centre of London such as Aldgate and Shoreditch. These are now homes to many of the media types and those in the IT industry who enjoy NEW York style loft living in many of the old converted warehouses. Many of these places are now serviced apartments rented out to short/mid-term visitors and if you are temporarily staying in London for business purposes you may find that your company owns many of these purely for their visiting staff. An apartment offers many more home comforts than a hotel room and to make your stay even more pleasurable you can even enjoy the company of one of our gorgeous East London escorts.

Stunning Local East London Escorts

Our Escorts in East London are happy to visit gentlemen in all areas East of the Tower of London and we always have a great demand for areas such as Stratford,. Barking, Ilford and Canary Wharf. The Docklands area is the best known location in the East of London as it was the host to the 2012 Olympics. Lots of visitors came to East London during that time and were so impressed with both the location, its amenities, and our stunning East London escorts that they have returned and repeated their experience with both their time in the area and our local east London escorts.

At Sunny London escort agency we do not have specific escorts for specific areas. All our beauties are available in all areas of London and as they offer an outcall service they are able to visit clients in all locations. Many years ago there were distinct areas of the city that defined them as different from others and whilst years ago East London and the East End we considered quite rough, given the fact that the area was inhabited by dockers and labourers living on poor wages in squalor nowadays the area couldn’t be more different. The Docklands area particularly is considered to an elite and high class location and any Docklands escort you spend time with, particularly from our London escort agency is always going to be the cream of the crop.