AGE: 24




HAIR: Brunette


Looking for a very sweet and very hot brunette for fun in London? Well if you are (and who isn’t!) then you are going to love Cleo as she is so hot and sexy, we’re sure you’ll have had a good look at the photos by now (if not then what are you doing!) and so you can see just how hot she is.

She’s a gorgeous brunette with an amazing body, she is slim and sexy and stays in great shape and so is very attractive. And she knows just how hot she is and so just loves to show off and so is always looking very sexy and she can also be very naughty too and so you could get a real treat on a night out with her in London.

So gives us a call now and we can arrange your date with Cleo and we are happy to arrange all of the details that you would like for your date and so do let us know if you would like any specific clothing or lingerie etc.

So get in touch to meet the hot and sexy Cleo now!
CALL: 07857032114 – 07857032115