AGE: 25


SIZE: 8-10


HAIR: Brown


When it comes to sheer sexiness and sex appeal we are sure that you will agree that Sara has it in huge amounts, she just oozes it and so if you are looking for an extremely hot and naughty little lady for the evening in London then she is a very good choice.

As well as looking so amazingly hot, Sara is also a very naughty little lady and loves to party and play naughty games, she finds it a real thrill and so never tires of it! She knows just how hot and sexy she is and so loves to dress up in very revealing and naughty outfits and so can give you a real thrill of a night, some of the hot lingerie she owns just has to be seen to be believed!

So there is never a dull moment with Sara and you can be assured the best night of your life in London if you choose her as your escort, just let us know the type of evening that you would like and how you would like her to dress and we will arrange your amazing evening for you!

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