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Luton is best known for the airport which is the forth biggest in the UK and so sees a huge amount of international travel and people arriving from all over the world. If you live there or are arriving and would like some company from a beautiful lady then get in touch as we have some very sexy agency escorts in Luton.

So you are in and around Luton. What to do? There are many attractions around this area including day time activities as well as night time activities like clubs and not to mention the extremely attractive Luton escorts. I will go over some of the wonders of Luton and the surrounding areas in the following paragraphs so you are fully equipped for your experience in Luton.

Luton is situated 30 miles north of London making it a very well situated town. Whether you are staying in north London and travelling to experience what Luton has to offer or you are in Luton and have already had a taste and would like to venture into London to see more. Luton is perfect.

Luton also has one of England’s major airports, adding to how convenient Luton can be. The airport is well situated just off the M1 but is accessible via train if that is preferred. A shuttle bus runs from Luton airport to Luton Parkway station every 10mins and from there you have easy access to anywhere in London.

Now let’s get down to the specifics of what you can do while you are in Luton. The escorts will easily be the highlight of your trip to Luton. Luton escorts are high quality, jaw dropping, just outright gorgeous women that will not disappoint. These women are here to cater to your every desire and are there to make your experience of Luton totally unforgettable. You will be hurrying back to Luton in the very near future, trust me on that.

But before you get to lose yourself with these attractive young ladies you need to warm yourself up to what Luton has to offer other than escorts. You could start the day off with some paintballing with some friends at Delta force paintballing. Delta force is a country wide paintballing business. The Luton branch is situated just 10mins from the airport and the M1 so it’s convenient wherever you are staying. Paintballing can be a great way to release some stress with some friends. Running around in army combats in wooded areas and combat zones was a childhood dream for many young boys and I think it something that sticks with us as we all grow older.

Once you have cooled down from the paintballing you could take a trip to Luton Hoo golf club. This too is situated just off the M1. This course is absolutely magnificent, sporting a 7,107 yard par 73 course off the championship tees but offers 4 difference tees to shoot from so it caters to all abilities. The course itself is wonderful. The course is beautifully landscaped to compliment the grounds. Luton Hoo is comfortably one of the best courses in the entire surrounding area. The country side the course is built in is breath-taking and many suggest that this course will host a major championship in the not too distant future.

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You must now be ravenous after all the day’s activities so you must now sit down to a lovely meal at one of Luton’s restaurants. Luton offers many great restaurants such as Monna Lisa, a great Italian place. If you prefer more spice in your cuisine then Luton has you covered for that too with restaurants like Spice of Caddington and Aone Dosa among others. None of these tickle your fancy? How about a classic British pub lunch at The White Horse or The Crown?

Instead if you would prefer a more relaxing day in Luton you could visit the great Luton indoor market and take a look what weird and wonderful things you can find. Inside this market you are likely to find wonderful food and clothing from various cultures all around the world as well as lots of other general trade items that the stall owners have. Many of these items are absolute hidden gems. Luton indoor market is nestled nicely inside Luton’s Mall so if the market doesn’t interest you, you can go see what the rest of the mall has to offer.

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As the night approaches what Luton has to offer still remains strong and appealing. A very common hangout is the Grosvenor Casino. This is a great place to spend an evening even if gambling isn’t your thing. The casino offers live acts on stage as well as a nice little bar and restaurant. The food at the restaurant is excellent and well-priced. If gambling is something you are interested in then the casino offers many games to satisfy any tastes, from blackjack and roulette to poker and even slots. If you have never experienced the atmosphere of a casino then it is worth taking a look.

Of course there are many clubs and bars and other nightlife in Luton like Liquid nightclub and Deja Vu which offers many unforgettable nights of dancing, having a few drinks and a good time. The Live Room at Charlie Browns is also something that may be of interest if the loud nightclub environment isn’t your scene. Of course there is also the option of hiring yourself a gorgeous escort for the night. These women are extremely sexy. It is very common for many people staying in north London to come to Luton to experience the escort services here. You will not be disappointed.

All in all your entertainment needs are completely covered while you are in Luton. Don’t hesitate to taste what Luton has to offer you. At Sunny Escort Agency London your can find a wide selection of sexy, beautiful and friendly escorts.