V for Vendetta is such a great movie. Our London escorts love movies, our brunette escort Grace says she loves the movie V for Vendetta and also this fine quality London escort loves a few quotes from V for Vendetta which our escorts love:

V : *You* could’ve ended it, Evey, you could’ve given in. But you didn’t. Why?
Evey Hammond: Leave me alone! I *hate* you!
V : That’s it! See, at first I thought it was hate, too. Hate was all I knew, it built my world, it imprisoned me, taught me how to eat, how to drink, how to breathe. I thought I’d die with all my hate in my veins. But then something happened. It happened to me… just as it happened to you.

Evey Hammond: Shut up! I *don’t* want to hear your lies!
V : Your own father said that artists use lies to tell the truth. Yes, I created a lie. But because you believed it, you found something true about yourself.
Evey Hammond: No.
V : What was true in that cell is just as true now. What you felt in there has nothing to do with me.

Evey Hammond: I can’t feel *anything* anymore!
V: Don’t run from it, Evey. You’ve been running all your life.
Evey Hammond: I can’t. can’t breathe. Asthma… asthma! When I was little..

V for Vendetta was filmed around 2005. V for Vendetta captured many viewers attention from the start and became a cult. No wonder our escorts at Sunny Escorts love it.


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